About us

CEO & Founder

Mr. Eddy Silas

BA in Business and economics, MBA in Business, finance and marketing. 10+ years Business entrepreneur. Crypto analysis Exprert.
Expert in risk management portfolio.

Mr. Itai Shiber

BA in Business and finance. 10+ years in traditional market trading. One of the pioneers in Nostro-Trading. Crypto analysis. Expert in risk management portfolio.
SSCI is a ground-breaking market analysis firm, which aims to bring the traditional market success rate to well-established companies.
We aim to be the pioneers in allowing every company to invest their capital with our modified market analysis algorithm.
We specialize in immediate and automatic fund protection while allowing higher than average percentage profits, in every market condition.
We offer market analysis, risk management, and an automated platform for full transparency to every company and individuals, which will annihilate their need to go to a 3rd party vendor.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
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 +44 4738311755

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